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Rena Pederson writes for the heart and mind. She engages readers with her vivid stories and inspires them to make meaningful change in their own lives and the world around them.


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Speaker Feedback

"We continue to receive rave reviews and wonderful comments about Rena Pederson’s presentation on ‘Victorious Life.’ As one attendee said, ‘I wish her talk didn’t have to end, it was just so engaging.’ She hit a home run with our folks."
    — Nancy M. Lowrie, Interim CEO, Alpha Home, San Antonio, 2016

"Rena Pederson’s remarks were interesting, informative, and stimulating, and set the historical context for understanding why Burma is so important to the United States today. Rena and Sarnata Reynolds from Refugees International were a good pair, and the discussion was lively. The feedback has been very positive."
    — Patricia Ellis, President, Women’s Foreign Policy Group Washington, D.C., 2015

"Rena Pederson's keynote address at our national PAX conference in New Orleans was a solid hit and had our participants on their feet applauding. She did a phenomenal job putting together an inspiring and useful presentation that was effectively customized for our audience. She has the ability to make you think about things without even realizing it. She is definitely among the best presenters that we have had in our organization’s 25 years. Rena not only set the tone for the entire meeting but she delivered a lasting challenge on ‘How to inspire quality with your example’ that resonated with everyone! We couldn’t be more pleased."
    — Brikena Samara, Training & Sponsored Programs Director PAX – Program of Academic Exchange

"We continue to receive rave reviews and wonderful comments about Rena Pederson’s presentation to the PEO International Convention. The information she shared resounded with everyone in attendance."
    — Susan Sellers, President International Chapter P.E.O. Sisterhood

"Rena Pederson’s recent presentation on Burma to some of our World Affairs Council members was comprehensive and compelling. She knows the issues and the people well from personal experience. Her photos brought home the issues there in a vivid way.."
    — Jim Falk, President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth

"Rena Pederson is skilled at drawing out the best in panel discussions. She did a masterful job of moderating our Bush Institute program with four women activists from Burma. She knows the issues in Burma well herself and gives other speakers a chance to shine."
    — Amanda Schnetzer, Director, Human Freedom, George W. Bush Presidential Center

"Providing educational programs to its members since 1894, the Mary K. Craig Class was pleased, during the 2013-14 season, to present Rena Pederson, award-winning journalist and author, who shared her inspiring story of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi and the struggle for democracy in Burma. Ms. Pederson, with her clear and appealing style, is always one of our best received speakers."
    — Diane Bumpas, President, Craig Class

"Rena Pederson, former editorial page editor of The Dallas Morning News and Co-Chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board, challenges women of all ages to reach their fullest potential, compelling them to make positive changes in their own lives and in the world around them. She will tell us about the bravest woman in the world, an amazing story of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar (Burma) and what this means to us." Rena gave us a wonderful synopsis of the life of this amazing woman and challenged us to look for some place(s) in our lives that we could do the same. Several young women in our group were very interested in going to Myanmar and met with Rena afterwards to see how they could help. Reading about Suu Kyi in the papers or hearing about her in the news has brought me much closer to the dilemmas on the other side of the world, thanks to Rena’s insightful talk."
    — St. Michael’s and All Angels Archangel 2011

(Luncheon speaker, state convention 2004)
"The members so enjoyed Rena Pederson’s speaking. We have received rave reviews. So many members lined up for her books afterward that we ran out. Everyone has been thanking me for choosing her for our closing luncheon. She made our convention one of the best!"
     — Pat Hadaway, President, Texas Business and Professional Women

(International convention speaker, Dallas 2003)
"One of our highest rated speakers! As one attendee said, ’Ms.Pederson’s session was everything I had hoped it would be. She gave outstanding examples, was easy to follow and was energized and motivating.’ Another said, ’Rena had the ability to engage the attendee by introducing real life. She was most entertaining and rewarding.’ "
     — Diane Dick, Chair, ATHENA Foundation Inter national Conference

(Keynote speaker, Las Vegas national convention 2003)
"Insights gained from the hard scrabble world of journalism, plus her affable style, make Rena a most captivating speaker. She was the closing speaker at our three-day national conference in Las Vegas. Our attendees evaluated her performance as ’excellent.’ Her message was an inspiration to action and a challenge to each of us.
     — Anne Reed, Chair, Women in Financial Services